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Welcome to Sleep Synergy, Inc.
Your resource for the medical product and sleep industries

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Sleep has a profound effect on all aspects of life. As more and more information regarding the importance of sleep and it's impact on all body systems becomes known, it is becoming increasingly important to include sleep testing as part of the clinical trials process.

Sleep disorders, primarily sleep apnea, has been shown to have an impact on the cardiovascular and endocrine systems and neurocognitive funtioning.

Sleep Synergy was formed to aid medical product developers in understanding the potential impact of sleep disorders to their product lines and to aid sleep diagnostic facilities in the conduct of clinical trials. Thus the goals of Sleep Synergy are two-fold:

1. Provide the medical product industry with the expertise to integrate sleep testing into the clinical trials and product development processess.


2. To aid the sleep professional running a sleep center, interested in becoming a center of excellence for the conduct of clinical research to reach their goal.

For both groups, this is accomplished by assessment of your current capabilities and needs, and tailoring a specific program for your staff regarding applicable regulations and acceptable practices.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with quality service with an ethical approach, be responsive to and consider your needs and provide a ready resource to meet those your needs.